31 July 2012

New at Starbucks - Refreshers made with Green Coffee Extract

Starbucks has reinvented coffee once again. This time they are using Green Coffee Extract to make their latest beverage called Refreshers. And refreshed we'd all like to feel during this gloomy, wet, humid weather! Starting today, ask for these from your Starbucks barista:

Very Berry Hibiscus & Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers

FYI - Hibiscus a flowering plant with lots of health benefits. Some of those mentioned are for weight loss and lowering of the blood cholesterol. Check out this article about Hibiscus on Livestrong.

Both are made with Green Coffee Extract, a source of caffeine (oh yes!) that tastes nothing like coffee. It's made from green, unroasted high-quality arabica coffee beans which many of us already drink.

So imagine getting the same kick as your morning coffee while enjoying new delicious flavors. I haven't taste Cool Lime yet but I secretly wish it tastes and kicks like a mojito. I don't know about the Philippines but International Starbucks Shops are soon to serve alcoholic beverages. How true? Check this story from the Global Grind.

What's certain is that our local Starbucks are featuring 12 new food items that are perfect with the new refreshers. So far, here's what I've tried and recommend

Mocha Silvana

Mocha Silvana - will kill all Silvana businesses in town and give bakers a run for their money. It's nothing like the all butter silvanas I've tried. It even beats the silvanas I order from Dumaguete. At P95, its the best silvana I've ever had. It could be because of the quality of the crushed almonds and bits of dark chocolate. Try it while they are here and I hope they stay forever.

Seafood Po’ Boy Sandwich

Seaffod Po' Boy Wrap - slightly more expensive at P160 but will fly your taste buds to New Orleans. This is a local favorite in N.O. that features crispy fried fish and shrimps, vegetables, cajun sauce, and mozarella cheese. I loved eating this as if I were in a TLC show trying out local food somewhere very far away! Must order on your next date (and don't forget to impress with some knowledge about how it's from New Orleans *wink*)

Wild Mushrooms and Emmenthal Cheese on French Butter Croissa

Wild Mushroom and Emmenthal Cheese on French Butter Croissant - what a mouthful and so is the sandwich! But first, let define what Emmenthal Cheese is.

Emmenthal cheese has a savoury, but not very sharp, taste. It is a cheese from Switzerland and is also known as Swiss cheese. So imagine mixing this with meaty button, shiitake, and portabelo mushrooms - wow! Not your typical vegetarian sandwich.

Grab your wellies and brollies and visit your favorite Starbucks branch today. Lucky us it's a stone's throw away. I highly recommend taking these food items away to enjoy at the comfort of your home with a steaming cup of Blonde roast.

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