12 September 2012

How to Enjoy Authentic Teppanyaki at The Marriott

Let's start with some basic Japanese here, Teppanyaki literally means flat grill and this is where teppanyaki dishes are all cooked. Meals are usually served in small bowls that feature a variety of combinations including meat, vegetables, and sauces.

Your choice of vegetables to go with your meat

Small bowls are pure genius because it only means you get to eat and try more flavors. Since Marriott Café come to terms with the fact that Japan will be forever loved for its culinary offerings with a classic appeal, the restaurant added a teppanyaki station for buffet dinner still at P1750 net, grilling only the freshest and meaty choices of seafood, fish, beef, pork, and chicken.

 Japanese sauces to excite your teppanyaki

I tried The Marriott's Teppanyaki station just a few days ago and self-learned the ways to enjoy teppanyaki like a master.

First, teppanyaki can be both main course and appetizer. I started with the usual greens in balsamic vinegar in tandem with Kaisen (seafood) and Gyuniko (beef) teppanyaki.

Kaisen teppanyaki. There are various versions depending on your taste.

You can ask the grill master right there to adjust the teppanyaki to your liking. Spicy, sweet, lots of veggies, etc.

Gyuniko teppanyaki is made of hiqh quality and super tender marbled beef

Now onto the main course, I had teppanyaki rice freshly cooked and requested a sweet and spicy blend.

The grilling station is conveniently beside the sushis and sashimis so I grabbed a few slices of fresh salmon to balance my meal.

I also just had to experience Gyuniko teppanyaki again, this time with rice. The grill master also concocted a Tori (chicken) teppanyaki with gotamari (sesame seeds) sauce.

Japanese food is great with it's foodie neighbours like this Thai-style seafood. We had this made fresh by the chef at the adjacent food station. Be nice and the chef will do this for you :)

It's hard to describe the enjoyment I had in relishing all these food. It was a great discovery and education for my tastebuds. Afterall, we kind of restricted ourselves with the usual Katsudons, makis, and sushis. It's high time we had a real encounter with the art of  Japanese Teppanyaki.

To provide a sweet ending (and because you can still enjoy all the other buffet offerings of The Marriott Cafe), we tried new gelato flavors - samurai style.

Hazelnut nutella and tiramisu gelato with cone - it's included in the buffet

And just to keep things healthy, a dose of fresh fruits that this cafe never runs out of.

The Marriott Cafe remains our go-to buffet place when we want some more privacy and comfort. With the addition of another Japanese feat, I highly recommend you experience their dinner buffet. It won't be long until the cafe switches things around to offer more flavors. So my friends, enjoy all of these while it lasts :)