31 December 2008

Dark Underarms - the Peeling Solution

dark underarmsDark underarms? If you have tried countless whitening deodorants, creams, and whitening or bleaching treatments to no avail, try an underarm peeling treatment with your dermatologist.

I personally tried underarm skin peeling at Caraderme, my dermatologist's clinic in Makati. For only Php 1,000 and for less than 30 minutes. Here's what to expect during and after the treatment:

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During underarm peeling treatment:

It's better not to shave or wax or put anything at all on your underarms at the day of treatment. Doing so will increase the burning or stinging sensation. The dermatologist will put at least 3 coats of peeling solution at 10 minutes interval per coat. Your underarms will feel very itchy but if you feel pain, tell your dermatologist right away to avoid unpleasant skin reactions.

After the underarm skin peeling:

You can resume you daily activities right away but shaving should be skipped or at least, minimized to avoid abrasions. Do not expect white underarms right away! The skin will look dark as it will peel on its own after 2-3 weeks.

You will be asked to maintain your underarms with creams and a special deodorant that has a skin whitener. Commercial deodorants contain certain ingredients that are the main cause of dark underarms. The maintenance kit cost around Php 1,000.

Look out for:

Red patches on your underarms, look closely - if the skin has just peeled off, better put a small amount of maintenance creams and toner on it. If not, the skin will sting and might be painful for a couple of days (based on personal experience).

Total damage: Php 2,000 ++

Results: After 1 month, white underarms!


Unknown said...

gurl, i am really enjoying ur posts.. i think we have the same problem about underarms.. mine is not too dark pero not white either.. so effective ba talaga? yay, next ko yan sa list ko.. hehe.. thanks sa blog mo.. it helps!

Style and Relax said...

Yes! it is, i had some problems lang during the peeling stage you have to be careful and observant about your skin.

Ngayon totally white na ung underarms ko :) I just maintain it with the Quick White cream.

angel said...

hi!! i find your posts interesting and informative,,can you post your before and after pic>?thanx!!