31 December 2009

The Boppy Pillow

While researching about items for the baby, I came across the boppy pillow. Mothers swear that it helped them breastfeed their babies comfortably and without much drama from both ends.

The boppy pillow goes around the mommy's belly just below the breasts. Now, baby needs less support when breastfeeding and can comfortably lie down without straining the mother's arms - freeing them to do other things.

It is available online but I just had to check SM after a friend told me it's available in the department store. I found two boppy pillows, one from Uratex and one from Baby & Co. Above is the one from Uratex which costs around Php 1,200 ++. This is still cheaper than those found in Rustan's which is Php 2,000 ++ according to online forums.

However, this one from Uratex does not really go around the back because it has a velcro strap. What's great is the wide area for baby to lie on unlike the usual boppy pillows.

This one is from Baby & Co. which is similar to the boppy pillows I find on the internet. It only costs Php 500. I haven't made my mind up yet which to buy because I still want to see what Rustan's has to offer :) It's just great to know that boppy pillows are available in Manila for all expecting ladies.

Also check out this pillow for your growing tummy, also from Uratex.