11 December 2009

Convert your Earrings into Pendants and more!

I had a fashion challenge this week, and that was to convert a pair of earrings into two necklaces for my sister and niece in Australia. I tried silver accessories shops but they could not handle my dilemma. Neither do they have the material I need nor the skill to cut the wires.

Then I tried SM Department store, guess what? Again, they have it all! I found a corner where chains of silver and gold were rolled and a saleslady had tools like pliers and clippers. I asked if she could help me transform my Eiffel tower earrings into pendants with chains, and she said YES!

It only cost me Php 300 for the two necklaces, this includes the chain and the labor. I only had to wait around 5 minutes :) I am very happy with the result and I'm sure my sister and niece would love it.