28 December 2009

OXO Garlic Chopper Review

This Christmas, I got for my mom (and our kitchen) the garlic chopper every homemaker was talking about - the OXO Garlic Chopper which is usually seen in Chef Rose Bud's TV show called Quickfire.

The gadget costs around Php 800 and can be bought from the kitchen section of Rustan's.

I was really excited to use it until I got confused with its instruction pamphlet. After some minutes getting the gadget ready, my mom and I placed peeled garlic cloves inside the cup. I pressed it down like what I see on TV but the garlic cloves remained stationary. The blades were twisting when they are up but land with the same edges on the garlic cloves. Hence, no matter how much I pressed it down - the garlic remained chopped only once. Bits and pieces of the garlic also stick to the blade but you can use the spoon that comes with the OXO Garlic Chopper to get them.

Frustrated, I tried it once more and see if I was doing anything wrong until I cut my finger. Looks like the knife and chopping board would do the job better.

If you know how to use it properly and it works for you, please leave me a comment and help :)