22 December 2009

Holiday Noche Buena with CDO Ham

Christmas is not complete without Noche Buena, and the holiday feast is not complete without the traditional ham that glazes your table with sumptuous flair.

If there is one brand I am turning to this Christmas, when everyone is a hungry hippo- it's CDO. I started last week by trying their burger patties which let me serve homemade burger to my family without the fuss.

This Noche Buena, we are definitely trying the CDO Holiday Ham (as seen on TV). Unlike other hams, it is both tasty and affordable at just Php 220 for the Pear-Shaped Ham. I like marinating these in pineapple juice and glazing it with what remains of the juice and brown sugar. Though, they will be fine by themselves if you are pressed for time.

Prime cuts of young pork were cured to perfection with only the finest ingredients and spices to give the CDO Christmas Hams that delicious taste everyone loves.

CDO Pista Cooked Ham (PhP 360 a kilo) and CDO Holiday Whole-Meat Ham (PhP 410 a kilo) are available in leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. Until December 31, 2009, CDO is giving away limited edition Christmas plates, one for every PhP 300 worth of purchase.

CDO’s other ham products include Hamon de Bola (PhP 295 a kilo), Pear-shaped Ham (PhP 220 per piece), and American Ham (PhP 148 per piece).

How about you, what's cooking in your Noche Buena?