10 January 2010

Winners of The Kotex Luxe Promo

Thanks to all those who posted their comments on why Kotex Luxe is the right choice for 2010. And you're right, with it's new technology, it is fitting for the new year ahead for us girls :)

Congratulations to the first 15 posters:

1. Kathrina Benito

2. Carissa Ohbrey Arzaga

3. Leira Pagaspas

4. Lesley Herrera

5. Ramin Viloria

6. Rowena Wendy Lei


8. Araceli Cadiente

9. Anaserlita "Apple" Dela Cruz

10. Marie May Acabal

11. Jo Marie Jarnaiz "dickory"

12. Rajamin Viloria

13. Helena Benito - no address sent yet

14. Carla Mago - no address sent yet

15. Bhaby69 - no address sent yet

Please email your addresses if you haven't so everyone can receive their Kotex Luxe Pads soonest! :)