31 January 2010

Gourmet Farm Tagaytay Tour

Here's an escape plan that is easily attainable for stressed out girls and boys. The Gourmet Farm in Tagaytay is around1 and a half hour away from Manila and for just Php 80, you can enjoy walking in nice weather coupled with breathtaking views of plants and other greens!

I've always known Gourmet because of their Roman Garlic. At some point, I was very addicted to this spread which I get during food expos. Gourmet also sells lettuce and mixed greens, sometimes you can spot them in the grocery. When I checked out their website a long time ago, I learned that their farm is open to those who want to learn about planting herbs, etc.

Finally, I was able to drop by Gourmet's farm and experienced for myself nature tripping at its best. Fresh rosemary, thyme, basil, and parsley where systematically planted in the farm which is almost the size of a hacienda. Lettuce were bountiful and one can imagine bringing their favorite dressing, sit by the plants and just pick on the leaves for an instant salad.

The landscape and weather are perfect for a relaxing getaway, breathe in as much fresh air as you can :) Gourmet Farm also has a restaurant where you can enjoy their produce among other menu items. We tried their banaba iced tea which came with the tour fee of Php 80, super refreshing, fresh, and healthy.

Gourmet farm offers catering and their venue as well for weddings, children's parties, and other occassions. They also have a retreat house which was closed during our visit because it was being occupied by a private school having their retreat.

The place is also wifi enabled, I will definitely be back soon with my laptop :) I went home with parsley and corriander plants for the kitchen, now I can enjoy fresh herbs from the pot. They are sold at Gourmet's for Php 90 each.