15 January 2010

The Body Shop brings back the Originals

After a long hiatus from events, I just had to go to Body Shop and celebrate their originals line which they have brought back from the 80's. With other beauty bloggers, we smelled, swiped, and even tasted Body Shop's flavor with the help of White Hat.

Here are the originals, I like both passion fruit and cucumber flavors. The originals range from moisturizers, body washes, cleansing water, to make-up removers. I got to bring home and try the cucumber milk cleanser - so soft on the skin and mild.

It is suppose to remove your makeup without the need to use a makeup remover. So, it is a cleanser and makeup remover in one bottle :) It leaves a moisturizing film on the skin, I can just feel it but as my skin is oily, I think I will use it sparingly. This product is best for dry skin.

Then, for the preggy me - I have the famous Body Butter of The Body Shop too in Shea Butter flavor. Super yummy! Don't you wish you can just eat it? It glides easily on my tummy and is best used after your warm shower. It should keep your tummy and other parts of your body moisturized to prevent stretchmarks from forming. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

All the preggy ladies! Me, Kim, and Billie :)

Thanks to The Body Shop team for the wonderful time, girls just love quizzes and surprises. Not to forget, our favorite White Hat yogurt which was overflowing during the occasion.