21 July 2010

Underarm Bleaching at N2 Derm+ at SM North

My kili-kili with bleach

One rainy day I finally earned a day out from my mommy duties and went out with some Titas. I thought it would be the perfect time for some pampering and R&R, so we headed to SM North to try out N2 Derm because Heart Evangelista says so.

(Heart Evangelista is N2 Derm's endorser

I had to ask the therapist what Heart gets done on her skin and she said laser to make her skin tighter and another service that renews tired skin, perfect for celebs.

They had a buffet of services, from head to foot, from peels to massages. I wanted to get crazy and try everything but my underarms need immediate attention. You see, when some fashionistas get preggers, their underarms get dark - like mine!

I can't get my usual peels yet because I am breastfeeding, so Mhel, the N2 derm staff told me I could get a quick bleach instead. I've tried lots of quick bleaching for my underarms before I found the holy grail of solution for it. Yet, I must say that N2 Derm's underarm quick bleach service has a super more noticeable effect than other spas that offer the same.
N2 Derm+ in Megamall

First, my underarms got scrubed with a hightech brush to remove dead skin cells. Next is a mild peeling solution that was rubbed onto the skin, no stings because it was super mild. Finally, the bleaching solution from fruit acids was applied and covered with cellophane.

Unlike other spas, N2 Derm does not require you to put your arms up for 30 minutes. You can put them down and SMS while waiting for the bleach to take effect.

Start to see results after 3 sessions and white underarms after 6 sessions, 2 weeks interval.

And the result, my underarm was smoother and 30% lighter! I won't put pictures because my underarms are not yet as white as they normally are, but I swear the quick bleach made it better and more bearable to look at :) I think after 3 sessions, you can start to see a huge difference and by the 6th session, you will have sparkling white kilikili.

If you don't want to have your underarms peeled with TCA by a dermatologist, then the quick bleach of N2 derm is a good option. I'll go back again after two weeks if I have the time. This service costs around Php 500, its fast and non-messy. N2 Derm and Nisce are available at SM North and SM Megamall. To see their other branches, log on to