30 July 2010

At Saizen Trinoma - Crazy, Fun and Funky Japanese Things!

Everything at 85 pesos in Saizen!

I will be doing a series of posts about the newly opened Saizen in Trinoma because they're just so fun and funky to shop at. Just yesterday I was there with my family and I saw lots of tea cups, japanese plates, tea pots, and everything "japan-japan".

You know I am obsessed with tea sets so I got these:

A his and hers tea cups, he's a samurai and she's a geisha. sweet!

and a plain classic tea pot, just the size I need.

Here's my little corner of heaven - lots of tea all from Japan

And for the little boy I got a popsicle maker in pastel colors. Just fill them with chocolate drinks or fruit juices, pop in the freezer, and serve to your little boy on a hot day :)

Also, I got a door stopper because everytime the wind blows, I hear a loud bang x.x

Perfect for Ashton's toy room

Everything at Saizen is 85 pesos, your license to go crazy with Japanese stuff. Here's something that could just be the weirdest item you can get:-

A swinging black cat with glaring emerald eyes.

The pack says black cat's emerald eyes raises the suspicions of cats and birds, prevents them from gathering together. Cats and birds gather together? Only in Japan! Hang the black cat on a tree or anywhere in your garden x.x

A belt for books, I'll get one soon when Ashton starts reading :)

Then there are the kikay stuff:-

Facial massager, which is growing in popularity as seen in Pinoy Big Brother *lol*

And false eyelashes for just Php 85

Camphor sticks etched with words to deodorize your shoes or closet

I could go on and on with pictures of interesting stuff at Saizen. It's so exciting to shop because you find items you wish you'd gotten before from houseware, beauty, and baby stuff. We love it! Thanks Saizen for bringing a slice of Japan in Manila for just 85 pesos haha :D