11 April 2011

Fashion: My Readers Rock Red Box | Ongoing Promo

Only 4 more days to go until the end of our Red Box Rock, Dine, and Roll promo! Here are the latest entries from my fantastic readers:

Tiffany Sy sent her photo from a rock band battle event

I remember I had rock band shirts when in College that I loved pairing with denim skirts. My sister Joni also had a rocker phase and she almost completed all shirts from Metallica and Bush. I love 90's rock music :)

and Rhodora Valdez sent her photo wearing her favorite rocker shirt

If you join this promo and win, you will be treated like a billionaire rock star and sing with Travis McCoy and Bruno Mars, plus all the other hit makers while enjoying delicious food from Red Box!

Again, one winner will win this package while 9 more winners will receive a free head charge from Red Box. I can't wait to rock, dine, and roll myself and treat my family and friends with yummy dishes like the must-try california maki rolls, and my favorite buffalo wings!

Whenever I am at Red Box, I can't help but focus on the food and the free WiFi. So hard to pick a song to sing, especially when I don't have time to listen to the radio. I'd stick with old rock songs then :) What are you singing if you win?

Rock and Roll!