16 April 2011

Fashion Promo: Dive into Express Swimwear and WIN $200 GiftCards

This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer break is just a stone’s throw away and if you haven’t shopped for that perfect itsy bikini then you are missing out on the fun! I think 50% of summer excitement comes from preparing for it. Planning, shopping, and packing! And these days when time is scarce, I consider shopping online for women's swimwear a great deal.

I found these swimsuits at Express trendy with bright solids, on-trend graphic prints, the essential reversible style, nautical-inspired striped and sleek metallic styles.

How do you pick the perfect swimwear online? Well just like when shopping in a physical shop, it’s great to ask a friend. Yes that friend who’ll tell you the truth when it comes to clothing and it’s fun to send links to and from Facebook to get opinions. I would do this with my sister who’s in a very far place.

Some tips on finding the perfect bikini or swimwear at Express Advertisement:

1. Be realistic - don’t pick sizes that you “hope to fit in”. You don’t need to starve to look great in your swimwear, choose the right size and use a tape measure whilst shopping online.

2. Think of comfort - and practicality. Choose swimwear that suits the type of vacation you are having. If you are out with a group of friends then a two piece bikini is fun to wear. When out with the family or company outing, it’s best to don more conservative styles to avoid any fuss.

3. Choose quality over fashion - check strings if they are durable, and the fabric of the swimwear itself. A piece may look fancy but may lead to malfunctions hence embarrassing summer moments.

There you go! I am sure you are excited to shop. Sign up for Express e-mail for a chance to win one of ten $200 Express GiftCards. Don't forget to read the sweepstakes rules

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