08 April 2011

Upcoming Events and You're Invited!

It's Friday and is the purrfect time to let loose! So I am making a random post about everything and here it goes.

First, I can't believe I haven't followed up on my favorite TV series, Grey's Anatomy and haven't seen McSteamy and his doctor uniform. I've been dreaming of celebrities in medical uniforms and medical scrub pants! I should keep my notebook open tonight and download away.

If you feel that watching TV and staying at home is boring, then I have loads of events for you to attend.

Number one:

Head on over to Trinoma tonight and check out our latest collection in Style Origin. Models + hot summer fashion + Rico Blanco = one awesome show!

Number two:

Meet Akihiro Sato on April 10 at Trinoma. Save the date!

Are you going? Leave me a line and I might see you there *wink* Oh and look below for Red Mango's Get Spotted event too. You can have your photos taken and printed for free. It will be the best chill out spot in between your shopping duties :)

The Red Box Rock, Dine, and Roll promo is also still going - so far I only have 5 entries and there are 10 prizes to be won. SO this weekend, remember to take a snap shot of your rockstar outfit and send it to styleandrelax (at) gmail (dot) com.