08 September 2011

Event: The Ultimate Taste Test at Rockwell

It's that one event anticipated by all foodies and fans of Mr. Awesome Planet every year and for the first time, the Ultimate Taste Test was held inside the Rockwell Tent. Bigger and much more accessible, personally speaking.

I came prepared with the Foodie Guide written by Anton himself, it's not everyday you can play the role of a food critic - armed with a score sheet as if you were judging in Master Chef. I won't keep this post long, so here are some of the winners in my list:

#17- Luigi's Muhlach and not because his mom, Janice de Belen was there but for the savory Chicken cordon bleu with a choice of aligue mayo, cream cheese or wasabi sauce, Phillychanga

#30- Spring by Ha Yuan
I discovered how Lychee can offer a crunchy element to KaPao. KaPao: Pulled pork, Braised short rib, Lychee and Sesame crusted Teriyaki tofu.

#27-Joy's Fuzion Kitchen (JFK) we seem to have the same recipe of Fried Chicken wings!

And there are loads of desserts like pastries, cheesecakes, and frozen yoghurt. My choice for the ultimate ice cream is Merry Moo! They are inventive with their Brown Bread artisan ice cream.

For cupcakes, these definitely stand out in both presentation, quality, and flavor:

Cupcake Boutique by Klar Joseph. The green tea/matcha cupcake is my favorite because it looks like a contradiction of a sinful bite and a healthy treat.

For coffee, I only tried El Kapitan and their Spiced Chai was refreshing indeed.

Oh man ~

I was defeated by all the 55 stalls, never completed my score sheet and resorted to a stroll inside Powerplant Mall to burn all the calorific goodness from the Ultimate Taste Test. This occasion is definitely a memorable one to all food lovers and cook. See you all again next year!

Congratulations folks!