18 September 2011

Green Products at #Blogapalooza

More than 50 presenters were in attendance at the recent Blogapalooza but what got my attention are these brands who've injected green in their operations. I am a fan of free trade goods but always seek to patronize local brands made within the country. These products do not travel miles to get here, that means less carbon footprints while providing jobs for the Filipinos.

1. Human heart Nature - their products are 100% Pro-Philippines, Pro-Poor, and Pro-Environment. All their raw materials are thoroughly researched to ensure that they are naturally derived, are not processed using environmentally toxic processes and do not become toxic when released into the environment. They also use recyclable bottles in their packaging to minimize our contribution to the country’s overburdened landfills. Natural is good for you, so I am thrilled to have these Human heart Nature lip balm and sanitary spray. As always, only buy what you need.

2. Tree Hugger - Can you remember how many pens you've lost? The barrels made of plastic end up feeding the landfill and no matter how cheap these ballpens cost, the expense it tolls the environment is huge. Enter Tree Hugger pens - quality pens and highlighters out of recycled cartons and biodegradable plastic, and pencils made out of old newspapers. They are a growing trend and are available at National Bookstore.

They also partnered with the HARIBON FOUNDATION so that every pen and pencil you buy not only decreases plastic wastes and saves trees through the use of recycled paper and of biodegradable materials; you also contribute to the reforestation of our country through the GIVE A GIFT TREE DRIVE.

3. Healthy First - is a refreshments and foods manufacturer that use carrots and other local crops for their products. I personally tasted the carrot juice in four seasons flavor and it was delish! They come in plastic bottles though but are a healthier alternative to just drinking water. We need the betacarotene to ward off toxic. My husband also received a carrot loaf from Healthy First and I cannot wait to try it. Using available vegetables and incorporating them into pastries is my way to reduce food waste. I've baked dozens of banana bread and loaves to save bananas from spoilage and become healthier.

4. Oryspa - is a spa products supplier, their products are made from rice bran oil - so there's natural for you. Our swag included Oryspa natural baby powder and a balm with a minty eucalyptus scent. It's also 100% Filipino under Kutitap Aromatherapy Crafts, a reputable manufacturer of candles and a training institution of home-based alternative crafting.

5. Easy Phamax Wheat Grass - literally green, I am a wheat grass afficionado and there's no other way for me but to buy the Honey Wheat Grass powder from Easy Phamax. It makes me feel good instantly, especially after gorging up empty calories. To save the earth from sachets, buy them by the bulk. I buy a tub of Honey Wheat Grass (made of carton and tin) and send the empty tubs to the recycler.

Why don't you give these green products a try the next time you run out of beauty products, pens, and healthy drinks? :) You can also check out websites like Ethical Ocean for educating blogs about being green.