23 September 2011

This story is too oily

You've graduated high school but still have not graduated from oily skin. Welcome to the mantika club. Don't be ashamed though as even celebrities know the saying "oiliness is next to ugliness" all too well. I've seen plenty of stars together with their anti-oily skin weapon - the facial tissue.

Let your frugal conscience step in and you can get away with normal tissue paper. Previously, I buy boxes of the famous oil control film, at more than 1 peso per tiny sheet - it was not just absorbing the oil from my face but the money from my purse as well.

Drinking plenty of water also appears to blot the shine off your face, which causes breakouts too. I remembered all these tips because NIVEA emailed me about ONE product that fights FIVE skin problems: oil, dirt, dark spots, large pores, and blemishes.

I do find that using oil control facial foams work but not throughout the day. Unless you wash your face again come lunch time. I have not yet tried this product from NIVEA but want to know, how do you win the fight against oily skin? What products do you use?