04 November 2011

Super Girl Talk: Of Pads and Red Days

I've been meaning to write about this because I want other ladies to feel organized during days when they have their period. We already know how our hormones can drive us crazy so the least we can do is stay on top of our feminine pads!

I still see women buying the wrong type of feminine pads, as in they only pick one type for the entire duration of their red days. If you are like that, then you won't feel confident and are actually wasting money. Here's my tip, get 3 types of feminine pads.

For initial days (day 1-2) and heavy flow - use the maxi type with wings.
For median days (day 2-3) and regular flow - use regular types with or without wings.
For the final days and zero to light flow- use a panty liner.

Make sure you have these feminine pads stocked up, as well as tampons just so you have a choice for special days you don't like to deal with pads.

Libresse pads has four quality variants; Maxi Wings and Ultra Thin Wings for regular red days, Maxi Overnight Wings that is specially-shaped for longer nights and Libresse Super Slim Pantyliner , a stretchable liner that is flexible as your undergarment to give you absolute comfort in movement, it has a breathable back sheet and soft cottony surface which keeps skin fresh, dry and comfortable.