23 November 2011

What's your escape? Mine's Beauty and the Beast

This post is for my sister Joni who loves blogging about Disney Movies. Lately, it's difficult to find quiet time being surrounded with a few chatterbox. So I was thinking some ways to escape and relax, perhaps reflect on life and go back to fond memories of childhood.

I reckon I should revisit our VCD collection, lock myself up and discover something new about my favorite characters. For instance, Belle from Beauty and the Beast - reminds me well of my sister and I who find solace in books to escape the norm. I just love the scene when Beauty sings "Oh isn't this amazing, it's my favorite part because you'll see.. Here's when she meets Prince Charming and she doesn't notice that it's him, 'til Chapter Three!"

Watch this video for the full effect:

Belle (Little Town) - Music from Beauty and the Beast

It's been awhile since I sunk myself in a Disney Movie, well except last week when I watched Cars 2 with Ashton. I found it too distracting and noisy perhaps I am becoming old like that. Whatever happened to singing princesses and mermaids eh?

I'd love to talk more about Belle now in a more relevant fashion blogesque way. Of course the main event in the animation is her yellow ball gown and I am sure quiet a few millennials have requested for wedding gowns just like this.

Amazing how she can turn from a nerdy bookworm into a stylish date for a prince. Also, if you're a die-hard Beauty and the Beast fan - you will have knowledge of the capes she wore. I can note a blue cape without fur and a red one with some fur because somehow - it snows where Belle lives.

How about you what's your favorite Disney movie and costume? :)

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