14 November 2011

What's so hot about the new KFC Zinger Double Down?

You've seen the TV ad but have you doubled down yet? It's as hot as it sounds - made with two Zinger fillets, it's got double the heat and double the meat.

So after hearing so much about it, I doubled down and tried what they say is the most kick-ass sandwich on the face of the planet. For starters, it really is not your ordinary burger because there's no bread in it! Two slabs of spicy chicken meat are used instead and sandwiched between are cheese, bacon, and mayo.

Now onto the verdict:The KFC Zinger Double Down, which is priced at Php 120 is hot - but not that hot for me. Take note I love Indian food, Kimchi, Bicol Express, etc. and I eat chilis for breakfast. The sandwich has got the usual Zinger Spice which is my favorite KFC sandwich because you guessed it, it's the only burger in town which has got the kick.

Obviously KFC wanted to satisfy the palette of the majority who indeed, clamored for the return of the Double Down. Philippines is lucky because we got it here whereas in other countries - they created pages to petition the arrival of KFC's double down sandwich to their shores. Going back, what KFC did was to bring back Double Down in the Philippines and intensified the fire started by its predecessor - literally.

Have I fired up your curiosity yet? Don't be square and try the KFC Zinger Double Down.

Just to share, I enjoy my KFC Zinger Double Down with gravy and sometimes, with rice :D

Based on a survey I ran amongst my foreign friends who've tasted KFC in Manila, they say it's simply the best in the world. So no wonder we get first dibs on brand new items! Visit KFC Philippines on Facebook.