26 January 2012

Hotels with a different Tune

I'm springing back from an extended stay in the hospital, I wish it were a hotel but the presence of needles and nurses prevent me from thinking so. But here's vibrant news for hotel-a-holics, a new brand of hotels are opening up in the country. Say hello to Tune Hotels. They're opening hotels in Manila, Cebu, and Angeles City among others.

I spied their hotel in Ermita, Manila which they say is 15 minutes walking distance away from Roxas Blvd.

This is their Twin Room, they have 48 of which and 119 Double Rooms.

Nice flat screen TV, I read from the website you can add-on WiFi and even air conditioning. What? You read it right, I am guessing their name is Tune for a reason, as in you can fine tune your booking and pay for only the amenities you choose.

It's a new concept, at least for me and one that makes me a bit uncomfortable but definitely worth a try if you're feeling adventurous. I can imagine myself (perhaps) taking a walking tour of Binondo and shopping in Divisoria, and have this hotel as my pit stop to drop bags and catch some zzz's.

You can imagine the same for their hotels in Cebu and Pampanga, it's a great way to save some pocket money where you can give up air conditioning and WiFi.

Have you been here? Share your experience because I am curious!

Tune Hotel - Ermita, Manila
1740 A. Mabini St., Malate
Manila, Philippines