16 January 2012

Manila Hotel: Mabuhay Palace Lunch

I thought of dropping by Manila Hotel to check out their Chinese New Year preparations (frustrated hotel operations manager?) and had lunch at Mabuhay Palace with my husband. We purchased a group deal at Dealsmania previously and this was a good time to redeem our "fine dining" coupon.

Enter the dragon. Actually the dragon is on its way out of the hotel. Is that good feng shui?

Here's what our deal looked in real life, not bad for Php 955 but not a wow deal either.

We thought the deal was designed for a date for two, although it was good enough for me and my date - the plating was obviously for a single serve. If you dated someone new, it could mean awkward times but to be fair, the deal didn't say it was for two either. Servings were okay but taste was excellent. We walked away satisfied :)

I particularly enjoyed the 3 kinds of dimsum, too bad the magic number is 3 - only 3 pieces hehe. More than the food, we enjoyed the privacy offered by Mabuhay Palace, not a surprise for Manila Hotel. It was my kind of dating place, quiet, ambient music, and attentive wait staff.

I wish I had a more decent camera to capture Mabuhay Palace's interiors but they are already known for their oriental inspired theme. If you haven't been here, give them a visit but make reservations - Manila Hotel.

With all these elements combined, I'd say we had a fantastic lunch date after all. We wish we purchased two deals but promised we'll come back on a future date to try Cafe Ilang-Ilang next, also in Manila Hotel.