29 January 2012

Saint Alp's Tea House

Weekends can get boring and what better way to relieve boredom than with snacks. I am trying eat healthier so I tried a new tea house instead of fast food. Hidden somewhere in Burgos Circle, Global City is St. Alp's Tea House. It's actually at the ground floor of Forbeswood Parklane so the place is quiet secluded (thumbs up for me) and a bit separated from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Burgos Circle's joints.

The place is absolutely refreshing in and out. St. Alp's has so many hot and cold drinks to choose from, most are tea based so great for tea lovers and like me, who wants to lose some weight. I ordered their White Moustachhe Matcha Tea, a refreshing cold drink made with green tea powder.

My drink was delightful and I note their Matcha drinks taste different than the usual stuff I get - like the Starbucks Green Tea Frappe I am addicted to. St. Alp's has a bit of minty leafy flavor which goes well with healthy snacks on their menu.

The best fried tofu in the world

Being in diet mode, I ordered their fried tofu with hoisin sauce. It was THE BEST fried tofu I've ever had in my entire life! Simply peppered and lightly salted, their fried tofu was crispy on the outside and silky inside. Really, you won't think this is healthy boring stuff.

We stayed longer than usual so we ended up ordering more.

Beef Tapsilog. This is so sinful but every bite was worth the calories. The beef, atchara, and egg were perfectly done. The garlic rice didn't look fried but had the garlicky flavor the Pinoy sinangag has.

Taiwanese Breaded Porkchop. You'll be surprised with the spices they used to flavor the pork. I could taste some curry in it making this dish really more interesting. My date didn't share the egg so I guess that one tastes just as awesome.

Matcha Butter Toast. I was so full to have a bite of this, maybe I'll try it next time. This toast looks big yet is covered with matcha or green tea powder. Good for burning some fat.

I won't say much other than all of the food from St. Alp's are GREAT. Most of the items I tasted are all light but flavorful - I am guessing they use simple, fresh, and natural ingredients to achieve this.

Dear Saint Alp's, you have great food and excellent ambiance . It won't be a surprise if soon, this new tea house in the metro gets very busy with diners lining up. Ahhh I can't wait to come back before that happens!

Saint Alp's Tea House
G/F Forbeswood Parklane, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig