31 January 2009

Make Coffee like a Starbucks Barista

Enjoying coffee is a favorite pastime of stressed individuals, no wonder everyone huddles near the coffee vendo. Probably, coffee's relaxing aroma and invigorating taste transports everyone into a perfect moment! Just like what those commercials say.

However, there's always a big difference between instant coffee and freshly brewed ones. At the Starbucks Coffee Appreciation night, coffee experts revealed how to make a perfect relaxing cup of coffee from fresh coffee beans.

The easiest and most relaxing/zen way to make a cup is through a coffee press also known as the French press. This is widely available in coffee shops like Starbucks where you can get some like these:

Before using the coffee press, you'll need to grind your coffee beans first. From my personal experience at Starbucks, I recommend the coffee beans from Sumatra. You can purchase this from the coffee shop too. For coffee press use, coarsely grind the beans for 6 seconds.

1 cup of coffee = 180mL water + 10 grams of coffee.

Now you can pour the coffee beans first inside the coffee press sans the stainless steel mesh filter. Pour hot water and let it steep for 4 minutes. Now you can push down the stainless steel mesh filter down to the bottom. This method will give you a richer and thicker coffee.

I like using small coffee cups and never mugs for that relaxing and stylish coffee experience. Coffee is best with something sweet or nutty like a Chocolate Chantil Cake or a Caramel Cream Cheese Cake. Adding sugar or cream to your cup destroys the original flavor of coffee but enjoying it with desserts compliments the taste.

This is heaven inside your own home. Enjoy life with every sip!

Special thanks to Starbucks Rockwell Drive and