16 October 2009

Style Scene: Launch of Samsung LED HDTV - WiFi Enabled

If you haven't noticed yet, all televisions in Oakwood Hotel are from Samsung. It's just right for a real top of the line and first-class experience. Inside one of Oakwood's premiere rooms, experienced first hand how the new Samsung LED TVs can give a totally new meaning for personal and family entertainment.

Simulating a normal home, the Samsung LED TVs were positioned in the activity area, bedrooms, and even inside bathrooms! It is very easy to imagine owning an LED TV as technological as this.

Marko's super proud of the Samsung LED TV beside him

The new Samsung LED TV has built in WiFi which means you can enjoy YouTube videos directly on your LED TV. No need to boot up your notebooks or computers, simply lounge around your bed as you enjoy your favorite videos straight from the interwebtubes.

Samsung's Angels: Jene, Amby, and Jan

You can also enjoy movies directly from the USB 2.0 port or load pre-installed contents from the Samsung LED TV. The content library includes fun media such as a digital cookbook (ala cooking mama), games for kids and adults, music, and more. Additional content are free to download from the Samsung website.

The bigger the better! Ask about Samsung's Price Revolution in your favorite appliance center. The world's numebr one is within your reach (with freebies and special promos for every purchase!)

Of course, the world looks different inside the Samsung LED TV with ultra high definition, clear, and smooth motions. It simply gives a totally new experience in gaming and entertainment.