26 October 2009

Jozu Kin - Sushi for the Metro Crowd

In a not so busy circle of Global City at the Fort, Jozu Kin attracts hungry and young sushi lovers looking for a place to chill. Hip music and beats are alive inside Jozu Kin, contrasting with their classy interiors that shed soft lighting, perfect for winding down or a romantic night cap.

The restaurant has two floors, both presenting a comfy laid-back ambiance. Spacious seating were occupied by yuppies matching their favorite sushi with a cold beer, families celebrating, and lovers sharing some exotic dish.

Start fresh with a traditional Kani Salad

Matsusaka Gyu, more delicate than Wagyu

Come as you are at Jozu Kin but when it comes to food, things begin to be Iron Chef serious. Foie Gras, Matsusaka Beef, Salmon topped with Oysters - just a few of Chef Jayme Natividad's (who worked side by side with Mario Batalli) creation at Jozu Kin, Japanese Gold.

Sushi in a Cone overflowing with fresh fish roe

Pan Seared Foie Gras

At Jozu Kin, they are never fully satisfied and every staff is looking to be better. Even when they can already come up with these artful plating of over the top Japanese food.

Fresh, tender and juicy Tempura

All menu items get the special master treatment and at different price points from Php 175 to Php 2,000 (for steak meals), every one is sure to pick, eat, and adore something.

An interesting must try: Ushi Ebi Sunburst

The best way to enjoy food at Jozu Kin is to order interesting menu items to share. Each item is a sure conversation starter from the way they are presented to their unexpected texture and flavors. Jozu Kin's menu pushes you to become more adventurous when it comes to food, after all that would make your night even more memorable than just ordering your usual California roll.

Tartufo Hotate is pan seared scallop with asparagus shitake mushroom and truffled brown butter

Personally, I am dying to come back to Jozu Kin as each menu item looks like a must-try. They have unique stock of fresh seafood and meat waiting to be served and devoured. Weekday or weekend, it's always a great time to experience Jozu Kin at Global City for yourself. Go now go!