18 October 2009

Losing Weight with Tuna

First off, a healthy disclaimer - the following are my personal ways of losing weight by consuming a healthy amount of tuna. Before using the information below, seek your doctor's approval :)

The sexiest stays sexy with San Marino Tuna

Tuna is packed with protein, a 150g serving can contain up to 6-9 grams. This is about a cup of tuna which are readily available in can. Protein as a muscle builder, makes it easier to lose weight because more muscles mean more calories burned per activity. Tuna also has less calories at around 60 calories per serving compared to other protein sources like meat. Personally, the more tuna I consume, the less I crave other types of food like sweets or desserts. It satisfies the stomach quickly and is digested periodically by the stomach.

Here are ways to lose weight with tuna:

1. Quick Tuna Sandwich in the morning - if you want to go fast and easy, grab an egg - separate the whites and pour it in a microwave safe bowl. Add your desired amount of tuna, dash a bit of pepper and salt. Pop it in the microwave in low for about a minute. Scrape the egg which would now have the tuna in it in a round shape. Place in between wheat bread and enjoy!

2. Replace rice with tuna - there are tuna variants without any flavor and you can replace rice with a cup of tuna. Consume your viand as usual, as you would with rice. This will lessen your carb intake while increasing your protein sources.

3. Or, eat your rice with tuna - if you simply cannot fathom giving up rice, mixing it with protein such as tuna will already make it healthier. The proper serving of rice is no more than a cup. There are tasty canned tuna that goes well with rice such as the new corned tuna by San Marino. San Marino corned tuna also comes in chili flavor which is more enjoyable to eat than just plain tuna. The Omega 3 content of San Marino corned tuna is 390mg more which will help in preventing heart disease and heart attacks. I find that San Marino tuna also has less oil and simply more tuna in every can.

Stock up and eat straight from the can!

Eat your tuna after a rigorous activity or exercise, your muscles will absorb them even faster for ultimate muscle building and calorie burning power.