02 October 2009

Feathered Headbands and Mini Hats

peacock feathered headband and victorian mini hat with veil

Welcome back to the Victorian Era! Headbands have been making a come-back ever since Gossip Girl. But when everyone is donning a big bow on their heads like Minnie Mouse, you can enjoy a more sophisticated style of hair accessories.

peacock feather multi-purpose brooch

Big ribbons and bows are over, entering the scene are padded or feathered headbands. The most elusive designs are those with a faux peacock feather, so elusive that some just decide to make them from scratch. You can make your own feathered headband just by gathering a plain headband, glue gun, backing fabric, and feathers. All of which are readily available in department stores in Manila.

When I personally went to SM Department Store to get my materials, I was taken aback when I saw these:

Feathered headbands, clip on hair accessories, and Victorian mini hats in SM Department Store. Click to enlarge and have fun choosing!

Now we don't have to make our own when each headband and mini hats with veils only cost around Php 250. In Multiply stores, headbands are kind of overpriced as well as in other shops that I have checked out.

These hair accessories can either spell sophisticated or if not worn properly, they could appear like a circus on your head. However, it's great to grab them now before they are off the racks. Perfect for super parties or when you just feel melodramatic :)