14 October 2009

Getaway Dinner at Ascott Hotel - Cafe on the 6th

I had the pleasure of experiencing what Ascott Hotel tucks under it's sleeves. From shopping at Glorietta which is just next door to Ascott, magically I was transported into a peaceful, cozy, luxurious yet casual environment. Meeting me on the Cafe on the 6th (because it is on the 6th floor of Ascott Hotel) where hungry friends eager to taste the dishes of Ascott's resident chef, Chef Dennis.

Laid back appetizers: chips, fish, and tempura in 3 different sauces

The Cafe on the 6th is perfect for a romantic date without disruptions. I mean, unlike any other restaurants, it is very unlikely to bump into friends here. One, because many are intimidated by the sight of hotel restaurants and two, everyone thinks the place is expensive. Let's make this our little secret shall we? The prices of Cafe on the 6th are the same as any casual diners where main dishes are priced between Php 350 - Php 450 and steaks at Php 1,000 +++. The bonus point lies on the ambiance, the view of the city skyline, and most importantly - the live piano music. Dining here is a great escape from the usual hustle and fastpaced setting of other places.

Ascott Hotel's Boneless Chicken Adobo

Spicy Caldereta

Cafe on the 6th serves both International and Filipino dishes. I had chicken adobo served with atchara and their special Beef Caldereta with spikes of spicy chilis. One thing I noticed about the food here is how they prepare Filipino dishes with a twist. Like I normally expect my adobo to be saucy but this time, the Chicken Adobo was not served with any sauce. Garlic flakes topped the meat which is tasty but without the oily texture of Adobo. The Caldereta was also the same, minimal sauce but big on spice - making you want even more.

Friends ordered Fish and Chips, Angus Rib Eye steaks, and Back Ribs. My eyes were wandering on their plates really. The cafe serves favorite sparkling water like Perrier and San Pellegrino. Dishes simply taste better when sparkling water cleans the palette.

First Grade Meaty Goodness!

Say you are on a diet and really want to impress your date, here's my advice: try their Organic Cheese Platter with shavings of multiple types of cheeses like pecorino and goat cheese. This is served with organic wheat flakes and olives. Look how sexy this plate is.

Also available is the Ascott Salad dressed with goat cheese.

Never choose between food and ambiance because Cafe on the 6th has both. Stay tuned for a preview of one of the best hotel rooms in Ascott, ever!

Compliments to the Chef!