03 March 2010

7eleven Launch 7-Elections Gulp Cup

Drink to 7eleven's new concept of a more fun election! Add to that, this one is more refreshing and satisfying than any poll you've ever heard of. Look at these specially designed Gulp cups with the presidentiable's faces printed on them.

Choose from Villar, Aquino, Teodoro, Gordon and Erap gulp cups to express your support to any of these candidates.

Photo 2

Present your gulp cup to the cashier and your vote for the 7-elections would then be counted. Note that gulp cups must be filled with your favorite refreshments and cannot be bought by themselves alone. To ensure the veracity of each vote, each Presidentiable is assigned a specific barcode, which 7-Eleven cashiers will scan upon purchase of your Gulp® cup. All votes are carefully audited and may be verified online at where the public can also view updates on detailed polling results, to give the public regular updates on the Presidential race. Voters may even share their vote thru Facebook.

Last night during the campaign's launch, everyone had fun voting and quenching their thirst with ice cold beverages. Even Ate Glow was there to witness democracy at it's most enjoyable state! I think 7eleven's gulp cup has never been more stylish.

Maybe next time after the elections they can experiment with other designs and collaborate with other artists or designers :)