23 March 2010

Get Coached by Adidas miCoach

Have you ever tried running? I have! and everytime I wished someone ran with me so I can be more motivated and run better. Good news to those who run solo because now you can have your own companion and not just any companion, but a professional running coach.

Meet the Adidas miCoach, the coach you can wear ;)

Not only hi-tech, the miCoach would make any runner look like a serious runner with its gears. The MiCoach can also be synced with any mp3 device so it can also play your favorite running music. It would tell you to run faster, slower, or keep your pace depending on your heart rate. Hence, MiCoach users become better runners.

Of course, the MiCoach looks best with your Adidad running outfit.

The complete miCoach Pacer system retails at P6,995 while the miCoach Zone is available at P3,695. Both products are exclusively available at adidas Sports Performance Concept stores Greenbelt, Trinoma, Rockwell, Glorietta, as well as RUNNR Fort Bonifacio.