05 March 2010

Manny Pacquiao Shirts from Nike

Looking for the best shirt to wear on the big match of Pacquiao versus Clottey? Nike has the answer with these new Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao fight night and pride tees.

All Manny Pacquiao tees retail for Php 1,195 and have been on the shelves since March 5.

The Nike Pride Tee banners the special Manny Pacquiao graphic introduced in his last bout against Miguel Cotto. The graphic depicts icons, symbols and defining moments that have been significant to Manny’s rise as the world champion.

Inspired by the “Knows” campaign that was originally created back in 1986, the Nike Pac Man Knows Tee continues to communicate authentic training experience and maximizes the energy of sport.

These fight night tees are also a great gift for boxing gamers on PS3 or Xbox 360 where Manny Pacquiao also appears as one of the gaming characters. It follows the classic design of the traditional fight-night boxing poster, Nike’s Fight Night Tee showcases different icons relevant to Manny’s boxing career, chronicling his journey to success.

Nike continues its commitment to sporting excellence in boxing as in other sports disciplines. As through the last four years and into the future, Nike’s support for the world’s greatest Filipino boxer will continue to inspire young athletes to achieve their sports dreams.

Grab your shirts now, I want one for my brother-in-law! :)