09 March 2010

Tried and Tested: Celeteque Facial Wash and Scrub

Noted that my pregnant hormones are causing my skin all the rage - I still tried Celeteque Facial Wash and Scrub after receiving it in my mailbox. My first impression is that Celeteque is similar to another brand called Cetaphil which is also a gentle cleanser.

I checked the back label for any dangerous ingredients (for the little boy) and I think I didn't see any. So after first use, here are the good points I have for Celeteque:

- it is more foamy than other gentle cleansers which is good because I am not contented until I see foams or bubbles. Just a visual that your face is really getting cleaned.

- I only used a small amount and it was enough for my face

- the texture is really smooth

The pack I received also contained a Celeteque facial scrub or exfoliating facial wash that you can use every other day. The exfoliating beads are gentle and soft but you can feel how it deeply cleanses your skin compared to the normal facial wash.

Both products are great to use in removing makeup or dirt from the daily grind. You can use it as many times as you want, perfect for summer. I brought these products with me to two out of town trips already :)

My verdict is that Celeteque's facial wash are great for those with normal skin and for preggers like me who have to skip derma products for a while. It is good for maintaining good skin but in terms of preventing breakouts or eliminating acne - Celeteque can offer something else :)