22 July 2011

Coleen Garcia and Revlon Colorburst

Eman (the famous makeup artiste) sent me Revlon goodies a few weeks back and finally, this weekend I am able to use the new Revlon Colorburst lipgloss. You know how much adore Revlon's Just Bitten (in Passion) so I am quiet hyped to use the gloss over it.

And here is my make-up inspiration, Coleen shows her Revlon look. So young and pink, love it.

I think I'll shop for that Revlon blush, someone tell me what shade is that please? I didn't actually know who Coleen was until my other half blogged about her haha.

My favourite Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss is currently Crystal Lilac which contributes to a fresh look that every stressed out face deserves. The label reads correctly, it is light weight and makes your lips pop with 5x more shine than a patent leather! How is that for killer lips?

Both my upper and lower lip are full or well-endowed so I like to use it sparingly, mostly on the upper lip for a face lifting effect if you know what I mean.

What will be your Revlon look tomorrow? Try them now for free at Revlon counters everywhere :)