03 July 2011

How to Get the Most out of the Food Adventure at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills

I've earned the Food Adventurer badge last night at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hills. Not an easy feat, mind you - 12 phases of degustation in one sitting. It's now my mission to help you, fellow gluttons on how to enjoy the Food Adventure for yourselves. Notes that this is happening all weekends of July only from 6PM to 10PM.

Below are photos of actual food/serving sizes taken from last night.


1. Arrive early - you read it right, 12 phases of eating tasteful dishes and they are not samplers. You'll need all the time in the world to finish and enjoy each and every plate without the hurrying up to the next meal.

2. Enjoy your restaurant hopping - Walk through the restaurants at Venice Piazza and enjoy the differing ambiance that goes with each food adventure. Use this time to check out shops too, like The Big Apple Spa on the second floor. This activity also means you burn extra calories getting up and walking. If coming with friends, why not split up the group so you can exchange notes and experiences when you bump into each other? :)


3. Read the itinerary - your passport comes with an envelope packed with a suggested itinerary. You'll see a suggestion of meals to order first or restaurants to enjoy last. You wouldn't want to start your degustation adventure with a gelato, though the idea is very hard to resist after our experience at Sol Gelato.

4. Here's a saving tip - bring your own soda or drinks. The food adventure passport doesn't come with drinks but you can always order. Though it may defeat the purpose of coming in and out of restaurants quickly to complete your adventure. You can always also ask for service water because soda will fill up your tummy and fast.


5. Take a break - you and your stomach will need it. I walked around after 5 plates and Venice Piazza is an endearing venue for a quiet walk. They have a covered pathway that goes downwards (perfect!), a playground where you can take your kid to, and a fountain you can be mesmerized with.

Or, you can go around the Cook Out! tent, pick some exotic seafood like snails and have it cooked. Of course, do ask for it to be packed so you can enjoy it at home or bring it as pasalubong.


6. When you're about to surrender and die full - ask for the waiter (kindly) if the leftovers can be packed. The Food Adventure passport is only for dine-in customers but you don't want your leftovers in the rubbish when plenty are starving in the third world.

Alternatively, you can phone a friend to help you but be sure to hand the passport to him. Just like in a relay race, pass the baton for your friend to enjoy other unstamped meals at their designated restaurants. Sharing is not allowed.


7. Finally, don't forget to take photos - having a Food Adventure this affordable Php 550 and you get to eat at 12 places, is not usual! Who eats at 12 restaurants a day right? Oh wait, you did! So that deserves a Kodak moment and an invisible badge that you survived Venice Piazza's Food Adventure! :)