02 July 2011

Fashion: Furry headband/hat from SM Accessories

Did you say department store junkie? I missed the SM accessories sale last weekend but good news, because they are still on sale and I scored juicy discounts. Spent good two hours of my life sorting through a field of headbands, hats, necklaces, and bags.

Almost all accessories including from the new collection are at 10% off.

My winning find is this furry head piece. I like it dramatic and anyone who says there's a dead animal on my head is funny.

The hat cum headband will join the rest of my sweet collection here and here.

My niece Anya, sister Joni, and I have one uniform headband. We bought it together from SM accessories last year. I always send them stuff from the department store ;)

There are loads more to buy and if you love bib necklaces like I do, you'll be ecstatic.

I held on to one like it was my dear life, these items are fast moving! Should you have difficulty deciding on how to style accessories, take a cue from the mannequins and displays. Usually they are grouped in themes like safari, bohemian, classic, etc.

If it wasn't for the nearing mall closing hour, I'd spend more time inside this wonderland. I went home with the furry head piece, a hat that's perfect for family picnics, and a bib necklace in case I find myself on a romantic date.

On that note, here is another fearless fashion statement. Black is the hottest color for accessories this season! :)