04 February 2012

Aria Cucina Italia at Bonifacio High Street Central

Newly opened High Street Central is drawing curious crowds not only with their floor fountains but with the different architecture of the entire area. I particularly like the nice view you get when dining in the elevated restaurants like Aria.

Aria is, as it turns out, famous in Boracay. I had no knowledge of it until my husband told me, we were invited to dine on the night of its soft opening. Dining is always more than food for me so the first thing I noticed is the layout of this Italian restaurant.

Very spacious, comfy, and the options of round tables with lights hanging above it makes me feel at home. After all, I was with a family of my own.

Caesar Salad P355 Lovely greens with feta cheese. It was good enough for 3 persons to share and kick off your meal with a healthy bite.

Since Aria was in soft opening that night, choices were limited. We ordered Pizza Margherita and understandably (or we were given a different pizza, Quattro Formagi?) the basil was missing. In line with eating healthier, I asked for Caesar's Salad and Azrael ordered Costicine di agnello which were lamb cutlets in short.

Pizza Margherita Php 390 or Quattro Formaggi? Despite the confusion, I like the chewy pizza crust which the staff told us is handmade. She also warned their pizza is not a perfect circle as a result haha. My kid loved it, I did too but next time I'll ask if the greens have made their way to the resto.

Costicine di agnello Php 900+ We waited for almost an hour for this meat, but as I said they were in soft opening. The potatoes roasted in rosemary were delicious, it comes with the lamb and the lamb cutlets were so tender - it almost made the wait worthwhile.

I'll definitely return and give Aria Cucina Italia another bite, I am excited with the menu choices especially the ravioli and spinach dips. It is my first time to dine in a restaurant on soft opening day so I want to return soon as they are now fully opened and ready to serve :)

Their location makes Aria more attractive and I hope it remains as spacious and uncrowded. Beside them is a chocolate shop by Diamond Hotel, I am very curious and might try them out for dessert next time. On the other side of Aria is Nanbantei of Tokyo (I want!).