11 February 2009

Travel and Tour Expo 2009 Highlights

If you missed the Travel and Tour Expo 2009, here's what you missed! The jetsetting crowd trooped at the SMX convention center as the Travel and Tour Expo unraveled endless booths of travel and leisure. Airlines offered jaw-dropping rates and travel agencies gave out unbelievable tour packages. Just look at this Hongkong package for only US$69!


Of course, jetsetting is not complete without practical style. Balikbayan Gear's booth showcased the "new" balikbayan box. It's the modern balikbayan box with insulation that can keep food warm or cold in case you want to bring home international delicacies (Japanese Nama perhaps?). It also folds into a tiny pouch, perfect for last minute shopping. Now you don't have to worry where to stuff your finds abroad. They also have passport holders, I love Manila shirts, etc.

And again, the famous bag organizers had its own booth. Seems like bags are on top of the list when it comes to travel - next to shopping :)

Next off are the leisure and comfort destinations. Blue Water Day Spa and The Face Spa offered FREE massages during the Travel and Tour Expo. The shiatsu massage of Blue Water Day Spa is heaven!
Aside from spas, resorts and hotels were also present to cheer their own brands. The newest boutique hotel in town was there, Hotel Celeste with their attractive setup.

Hotel Celeste

International tourism departments put up their own attractions too, and the winner is Macau for this splendid replica of the church ruins.

Finally, a dash of fashion at Indonesia's corner. I tried on their costume for a photo-op.

Style of the World

Travelling is life's greatest gift, you get to learn other cultures and become aware of the world. Congratulations to the organizers of the Travel and Tour Expo. Next year, I hope to win a round trip ticket too!


Anonymous said...

I used to check out the Travel and Tour Expo every year! Thanks for blogging about it. The Macau Govt Tourism Office almost always wins that coveted award every year! Nice shots, Lace!

Mica K

Style and Relax said...

Hi Mica!

Thanks for dropping by :) I really felt like in Macau after having my photo taken there. I was just in the country last October ^^

The other countries had nice setups too but not as big as Macau's.