06 February 2009

Make your Own Healthy Crepe at Crepes and Cream

Have you ever tried the Kani Mango Salad Crepe at Crepes and Cream? I never thought that crepes can be so healthy, I always equate crepes to dessert. Just look at how fresh these lettuce are and how beautiful this Japanese inspired crepe can be!

Crepes have never been this fasyon with Japanese Kani Sticks and real fish eggs or roes

I thought they only offered ice cream topped with fruits then wrapped in crepe until today. The Kani Mango Salad Crepe is just one of the "Savory Crepes" offered by Crepes and Cream. They also have "Veggie Crepe" for vegetarians and with their stock of fresh vegetables like lettuce, mushroom, tomatoes, and bell peppers, you are in for a healthy treat!


Fresh ingredients and freshly brewed coffee from UCC are all in Crepes and Cream

You can even make your own healthy crepe and impress your friends with the healthiest crepe ever. I'd love my crepe with lots of lettuce and tomato :) For a filling protein packed crepe, you can choose from lean ham, tuna, pork floss, shredded chicken and ground beef.

Visit Crepes and Cream at their new super stylish and comfortable branch at SM Megamall, 4th Floor Bridgeway. It's the perfect place to let loose and relax with delicious but quick and healthy bites.


Fran said...

uy, i love crepes and i'm uber crazy about kani salad. This is such a perfect mix. I'll better check it out.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Style and Relax said...

Thanks Fran!

You should definitely try the Kani Mango Salad, it was real heaven :)

Fran said...

I'll definitely do that! :)