04 February 2009

Sleep in Style with these Eye Masks

I cannot live without eye masks, after discovering how important sleeping is - you just have to bring these with you in the car, at work, or everywhere you go so you can catch on some snooze whether the sun is shining or not.

Snooze Fairy Eye Mask

I find it hard to sleep in bright conditions, who doesn't? Eye masks help you sleep fast anytime of the day and shield your face from looking funny when sleeping. You know how friends or sisters take photos of you when you sleep?

Snooze Fairy Eye Mask

Sleeping pictures ain't so goofy but fabulous with these eye candies! I have a small collection of eye masks from Philippine Airlines and a retailer called Snooze Fairy whom I met at a World Trade Center bazaar eons ago.

Philippine Airline's Eye Mask

At Tickles in Glorietta, I also saw some funny looking eye masks with funny lines like "Not Tonight!" and "Call (center) Boy Sleeping". Call center agents do need eye masks, for only around Php 150 and FREE on air planes (heehee) this is small but a big help to sleep like a baby.

Tickles at Glorietta 4 Eye Masks Php 139.00