19 February 2009

Elite Relaxation at Blue Water Day Spa

If you want to feel like an A-list celebrity escaping to the Spa from the throngs of fans and the paparazzi, Blue Water Day Spa is for you. In spas, it's the little things/details that count, aside from the treatment or massages itself. It's the "extras" that make your relaxation real relaxed, serene, and comfortable - enough to make you feel like an elite royalty.

Customized leather massage chairs with pillows and a side table for your things and snacks, at the Spa Theater

As you enter Blue Water Day Spa, neatly groomed and professional looking staff will greet you. They all wear a little headset, coordinating quietly with one another. No chatting therapists and guards at all, everyone is attentive as if you own the place. The security/male staff are in perfectly ironed suits with the same headsets but with the stance that reminds you of the presidential bodyguards.

The romantic couple's massage room


Should you need to go to the restroom, your personal "bodyguard" at Blue Water Day Spa will rush to open the doors for you and lead the way. A lady therapist will then accompany you to your destination and stay outside waiting for you to finish your business. Tell the staff where you intend to go next either to a massage room or the spa theater, and they'll press on their headsets and alert the other staff automatically. I have never experienced customer care like this, over the top indeed.

Blue Water Day Spa is as spacious as it can get. Hallways are not labyrinths unlike other spa establishments. They have wide hallways, spacious lobby, roomy shower rooms and comfort rooms, secured lockers, and generous massage rooms that have the perfect lighting. You can't help but smell the cleanliness of the entire spa, like everything is just brand new.

Finally, the little "extras"that spell first class spa experience:

1. The RIGHT and customized massage beds - that lets you breath comfortably whilst enjoying your back and bodymassage

2. Fresh clean towels - generously provided inside the treatment areas

3. Hair blower - not all spas have this, and Blue Water Day Spa has a decent hair dryer without the scary naked wires.

4. Your own wash and powder area inside the massage room

5. Clean hairbrushes, Lander body lotion, and baby oil

6. Squeeky clean shower facility with a full tub of body wash, the right soap dishes, towel hangers, and clothes rack

7. A leather seat inside the changing room

If you love getting pampered in spas and have been to many, Blue Water Day Spa will amaze you with it's cleanliness and comfortable completeness in facility and toiletries. Invite your friends for a pampering session at their Spa Theater, the first in the world!

Blue Water Day Spa is located at the 2nd floor BPI Greentop Condominium, Ortigas, Ave.,
San Juan, Metro Manila. View their website at


Francis Simisim said...

Thanks Lace for coming to the event, I hope you had a great time and finally see the spa movie theater in action.

Nicely said...

Hi, Lace! Nice meeting you @ BWDS!

Style and Relax said...


You're welcome Francis! See you soon :)


You too! The foot spa was super refreshing noh?

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