09 February 2009

Men, What Not to Wear according to Gran Torino

Valentine's day is near and not only girls would be primping and prettifying but the male species as well. The movie Gran Torino whose story revolves around hopeless gangsters gives young men a helpful hint of WHAT NOT to wear on a date or perhaps, forever.

Oversized Shirts - if you are a guy and you are a bit over weight, it doesn't automatically mean you have to wear oversized shirts or pants. You'll look even bigger wearing these huge shirts that are so big that your date can fit inside it. Do not grab XXXL at once, a little bulge here and there will not hurt but would make you look leaner than wearing a monstrous size.

Baggy Pants - that look like jogging pants make you look like an elephant. Show off those leg muscles brother and take time to shop for the right fit or, have your own baggy pants tailored at the nearest alterations shop. Baggy pants and shorts will not get you in that fancy restaurant either.


Hoodies, backward caps, bonnets, snoopy's ear, whatever - come on! maybe you can wear them at a party or at a dance audition, but not on a date. Wearing bonnets or caps inside restaurants or indoors is considered rude the last time I checked. Yet, there are stylish hats for men that the ladies won't mind seeing you in and they are called - hats.

Like Clint Eastwood in the movie, ladies miss the days when men know how to dress. It's a matter of knowing the occasion and respecting it. A man's style reflects his character, it wouldn't hurt to polish a bit here and there. Invest in a black coat that fits you well, a button down polo shirt, an interesting tie, and tailored pants. Welcome to the gentlemen's club!