09 February 2009

Stressed? Go Bananas!

Who would not be stressed when the recession is affecting our lives including our closets? Here's a cheap and healthy way to get out of the rut - bananas!

If you don't know yet, bananas are big in Japan now because of a new diet fad called Banana Diet. Japanese girls are literally going bananas after an actress lost a lot of weight just by eating one banana every morning with a glass of room temperature water. Interestingly, a lot of Americans are also taking anti-stress vitamins whose component is found in bananas. Time to put bananas on the limelight!

Bananas are big in vitamin B6 and Potassium. A single serving of banana can give you 41% recommended Daily Value of vitamin B6 that allows your body to efficiently break down protein, fats and carbohydrates - thus, releasing energy when you feel under the weather. After all, we feel stressed when we have to do a lot more but don't have enough energy to do so.


Vitamin B6 in Bananas also helps keep the immune system strong and your hormones balanced while allowing your blood to carry more oxygen to your tissues and organs including your brain. Hence, allowing your entire body to take a breather ~whew~

Aside from stress relief and weight loss, eating bananas can make your skin clearer. Studies show that Vitamin B6 that are found in bananas can fight off acne, carpal tunnel syndrome , and depression.

Potassium on the other hand, helps maintain healthy blood pressure and prevents hypertension. It's also used to treat patients who feel weak and lack energy. Bananas have 23% recommend Daily Value of Potassium.

So, aside from an apple a day, add one banana a day too! Not only would you eliminate stress but you'll also score a healthy, head-turning body.