18 June 2009

Hang out and Chill at Home

These days, everyone says they don’t have money yet they need time to chill out too. In a perfect world, all of us could be getting a back massage, then watch a movie, and cap the day with a latte. Heck, even a latte costs Php 100. Hold on because there’s still hope, and you can find this at home.

Plan of attack for chilling out in your own crib:

1. Breakfast ala Coffee Shop – if you have time in the morning, sure you can replicate your favorite breakfast meal. Like pancakes? Prepare the mix and just cook 1 or 2 pancakes. Refrigerate the rest of the mixture for tomorrow. Be sure you have pancake syrup and loads of fattening butter :D

At home, breakfast is 24 hours

2. Watch a movie, in your room – sure you have a copy of any of the latest movies right? Microwave a pack of popcorn, grab your bean bag and shut the curtains. Peace and quiet, just you and your favorite movie star.

3. WiFi is in the house – WiFi or wireless internet is a bag of joy already, sure you want to relax but maybe you also want to connect with friends. We love surfing in coffee shops, restaurants, and malls. A different view is already a source of inspiration and it’s fun to eat while surfing. At home, grab your laptop and position yourself in the dining area. Prepare some tea and cookies for your self to enjoy. You may want to pop in your earphones and listen to internet radio. Yes that would keep your housemates at bay ;)

4. If you don’t know yet, drinks are an important part of chilling out. Coffee in the morning, a fruit juice in the afternoon, a cup of tea midday, a cocktail after dinner, then coffee for the night. All of these are available in your refrigerator or in your house bar. If not, time to stock up on cranberry juice, rum or vodka, and fresh milk for a latte at home.

Be creative and wait for the drought season in your wallet to pass. Relaxing at home can save you some money for a big day out in the city. Meanwhile, imagination goes a long way.