09 June 2009

Melbourne Black

If Melbourne, the most fashionable city, has a color then it would be black. Channeling this now here in Manila, we're lucky the skies are gloomy and black won't be too warm for the weather. Mysterious, serious, sexy, and slimming - won't you love black too?

Also, amazing these jet black shiny VNC pumps are, I walked in them all day and I am still alive. Wore a long sleeved, pseudo-layered, and collared shirt, the Minty meets Munt puffy skirt, the black tights from Myer, and used the snake skin bag from Nine West.

As always, when you feel good with what you are in, then you would probably have a good day. Otherwise, at least you can sail through stressful situations in style :)

What are you wearing today?