24 June 2009

Style Scene: LG Health Collection Launch

The LG Management and Marketing Team

At the Shangrila Hotel Makati, LG gave home appliances a new meaning. Stylish, healthy, and eco-friendly, the LG Health Collection would stir any homemaker's curiuousity.

Eco-Moms: Angel Jacob and Angel Aquino

Angel Jacob hosted the event and introduced another Angel of health and the earth, Angel Aquino. Angel shared how she loves opening her refrigerator and the excitement it brings to her. As a model and actress, being health conscious is natural for her. She is also an active "attorney of the earth", taking part in environmental campaigns together with Green Peace and other organizations. LG chose Angel Aquino to be the eco-mom and the perfect face to represent the LG Health Collection series.

Style and Relax with Angel Aquino

A tour of the LG Health Collection was lead by Angel Jacob and Angel Aquino. Our favorite would be the refrigerator which has a sleek design of flowers, not your usual refrigerator. It also increases the Vitamin C retention inside the crisper and has Catechins from green tea inside the air filters to reduce bacterial growth. All appliances such as the microwave, vacuum cleaner, airconditioners, and air cleaners have the same style and technological element that fits the new breed moms. Stylish, health-conscious, and green.

In keeping with the healthy theme, a yoga master straight from Korea shared simple yoga postures that everyone can practice at home.

Can you believe that this eye candy is an air purifier?

The LG Health Collection series would make any homemaker relaxed and healthy. Just like those nice appliances you see in Koreanovelas, now you can bring them home :)