14 June 2009

Night Out Dress Up

Dressing up for a night out is not easy. Whether you plan to go dancing or just hang out with friends, strive to shine like a star in the darkness. Unless you plan to blend with the walls or the night sky.

Yet again, no need to go on a shopping spree for a hot black dress. Why not try your old plain white shirt? Make it into a dress by tying a belt around it. Garter belts are available everywhere but take time to find something unique. I would avoid the garter belts with nice buckles in popular flee markets and opt for one of a kind ones found in boutiques inside shopping malls. You may want to wear the outfit safely with boyleg undies or shorts to avoid panty shots during the night :) Dash a little spice by wearing your favorite pumps.

Have fun ladies!

P.S. A shiny black bag will also help :)