12 June 2009

How to Shop at Saizen - the 85 Peso Store

Find Saizen, a 100% Japanese store at Robinson's Galleria and you've made an extraordinary fun shopping activity for yourself. Everything here is sold at 85 pesos, from cosmetics to funky Japanese housewares and stationery. Visiting Saizen could be the nearest taste of Japan in town.

Here are some tips when shopping at Saizen:

1. Don't be overwhelmed by the many isles and sections. Choose your target and take your time comparing products. Some products are the same but some come in "kits". Example, there would be an eyebrow scissor on the shelf, but there would also be an eyebrow scissor that comes with a lash comb and a tweezer. Of course, opt for the one that comes with more stuff :)

Japanese beauty products

2. Check the cosmetics section for your supply of make up sponges, brushes, or q-tips - load up on these. If it's made in Japan then it means quality and safety.

3. Make sure to bring a friend, to double the fun of discovering funky or even weird products from Japan. Saizen gets new products in store every month. We found this funny looking banana container, perfect for those on the banana diet!

4. Read the labels. Some packagings may look the same but the quantity is different. Like wet tissues, some have 100 sheets while some only have 24 sheets and both are priced at 85 pesos.

Pet collars, accessories, and toys for Fifi!

5. Don't forget to get something for Fifi, your pet. Saizen has a stylish collection of pet collars, toys, and accessories for your little one.

stockings, hats, bags, etc.

6. It's best to go when you are not in a hurry. Saizen is a super interesting store that will make you so much engrossed that you'll forget about time.

Aren't we lucky? Finally everyone can still shop with just 85 pesos to get that shopping fix. And even with just 85 pesos, you are sure to come home with something funky and useful - straight from Japan!