20 July 2009

How to Look Thin Fast

Make jaws drop and be the envy of girls on your next day out. Looking thin is easier than what you think, although it's hard when people deny you of the truth that your tent dress makes you look like a whale. Here are the REAL ways of looking thin, fast.

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1. Gather your hair up - the perfect pony tail can make you look like a runway model. Others may say they rock your curly Goldilocks look but letting your hair down can make your face look bigger. Talk about fashion sabotage! Tightly gather your hair at the back of your head, use a small amount of gel to tame tutchangs and tightly secure it with a black band. Observe how models have their pony tails higher than usual, but don't overdo this. You can position your pony tail just a little above the middle back of your head.

2. Choose a V-Cut Neckline - but be sure it is a narrow V, round necks would make you look rounder but a sharp V-cut would make you look more bony. However, don't overdo the V and show your tatas to the public. The cut should just be above your cleavage for a sophisticated look.

3. Opt for dark colors, BLACK - black is everything, it is the color of fashion. I do not agree on how people assume that all fat persons are jolly. I have been there, and rather than throw a jolly printed happy flowery outfit indeed, grab a monochromatic outfit to make you look more slender and continuous.

4. A little tight can go along way - tights are surprisingly magical, not only in making you look thinner but in making an outfit look bolder. For the purpose of making yourself look thinner, DO NOT get cropped leggings or tights, it is better to get one that runs up to your ankle, or tights that cover the entire feet like a stocking.

5. Wear them high heels - no matter how hard it is to walk on them, yes... Proportions are not only for food but it's also perceived on persons. Heels will obviously make you look longer, your legs longer, and will definitely enhance your proportions.